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Welcome to this training! In this training we are going to show you truly awesome things. 

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From 22.3.2021 to


Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality


Controlled and programmed in VR


Quick dive to Unity game-engine

The training

Below you will find links to training videos. We will add new links for the whole week. Platform that we use for dissemination is Youtube. Training videos will be available also after official training period is over.

Full playlist of this training can be found here:

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Our first part of the training will demo great Moodle-plugin called H5P. Moodle is quite old and boring but still widely used. H5P will bring some gameification into play and makes learning bit more fun. If you are teacher or trainer your self, H5P is a must plugin for you.


VR devices

In this part of the training we are going to show you three types of VR headsets. There are different headsets for different purposes and here we present you HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.


VR game Super Hot

In this video you can see how VR glasses or headset works. As a headset we are using Oculus Quest. Video is recorded in big room without any obstacles. Game area is Oculus Quests maximum 7.6m x 7.6m and it gives ability to move freely in the game world. Check out the live view of the game play and compare it to headset view. Notice how the body needs to be moved and bent to succeed in this game. VR really is like another reality.


VR simulator VRRS

VR robotics simulator is a great way to test and learn basics of different types of robots and robot tools.


Content creation for VR devices (Unity)

Unity is a great tool to start creating games and other material for VR devices.


Visual Components

Visual Components is a great tool to build and test industrial setups. As a part of the testing, VR headset can be used to visually inspect different designs.


Industry 4.0, teaching robot in VR + using AR 

Watch how robot produced by ABB can be controlled and taught by using VR headset and controllers.


360 video

Not everyting has to be 3D-modeled. 360-video is a easy way to produce own content for VR headset.


Yeti Tablet + Games



Cat VS Mouse



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